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Anti-hurricane technology


anti hurricane

This anti-hurricane technology aim decrease strength hurricane scilicet thereby, that him dragooning digestedly lift big water quantity in biggies treble and so him pauperize at specific energy. This energy is cca 30 000 MW. It's immense energy a je cca 10x advanced look like upright element velocity energy hurricane in the wall eye.

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Existing technologies

anti-hurricane technology

How can you slow down a hurricane? Moshe Alamaro, a scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has a plan. Just as setting small, controlled fires can stop forest fires by robbing them of fuel, he proposes the creation of small, man-made tropical cyclones to cool the ocean and rob big, natural hurricanes of their source of energy. His scheme, devised with German and Russian weather scientists and presented at a weather-modification conference in April, involves a chain of offshore barges adorned with upward-facing jet engines. Each barge creates an updraft, causing water to evaporate from the ocean's surface and reducing its temperature. The resulting tropical storms travel towards the shore but dissipate harmlessly. Dr Alamaro reckons that protecting Central America and the southern United States from hurricanes would cost less than $1 billion a year. Most of the cost would be fuel: large jet engines, he observes, are abundant in the graveyards of American and Soviet long-range bombers.

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