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New Anti-hurricane Technology Wheel

Antihurricane Turbine (bracking power 30 GW)

Method and equipment on reduction destructive forces tropical cyclone
patent touch style cover destructive forces tropical cyclone resident therein, that on cut-down upwardly wind velocity in the wall eye tropical cyclone he applies sea-water evacuation in colanders from under surface up surface wainscot (a few 10m) scattering in breather at the bottom of tropical cyclone in/near wall eye, that is of drifting skywards 8-12 km.

Component patent it is also equipment on performance hereof style, whose equals function:

  • transport in/toward wall eye tropical cyclone
  • stay in/near wall eye cyclone near coming along cyclone
  • pump sea water and disperse her in ascending flow tropical cyclone.

Example damping output one's machinery near evacuation 300 m3 waters behind 1 second and drifting in average treble 10 km is then P = @.V.g.h.t-1 = 1000.300.10.10000.1 W = 30 000 000 000 W, id est 30 000 MW. By using e.g . 4 units equal furnished is output quadruple, so 120 000 MW (120 GW), by using 4 furnished for the duration of 4 days is performance 11 520 GWh = 11,5 TWh.

Method is finally here, help you for development

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