Hurricanes - solve it is advisable problem, non only after-effects

Hurricanes section synonyms accident, suffering, death and abjection. There is maybe not a fellow, that would at destructive strength hurricane something they don't know. Casualties, multimilliard claims, tragic fate of hundert-thousants infliction of leod they can't nor yet do not let niche indifferent. Yearly all over the world plough-back not-profit-making and charitably organization, so as least partly reduce devastating consequences hurricane. Help soften after-effects suffering, unwatered indeed problem lonely suffering. Metaphorically told - help mitigate pain, unwatered indeed its reason, spirit.
AHTF (anti-hurricane technologies fund) is non-invested fund, which he arose in order to assistances research and development of such technology, that would strength hurricane decreased insofar, so as people already multi vice suffering and disadvantage enormous measurement.

As soon as possible problem try, leaving alone disadvantage and suffering catch partake. So and those, according to us, it is advisable give common and uniform remark, labour and support.
Volts homesters incident is main problem - hurricane and this very problem wants AHTF n.f. solve, together with you, uncompromising and consistently.
Believe, that and you do you want assist. On the proviso that so have you sincere favour contribute for staunch problem solution - hurricane, now have you shot so render:
Banking institution: Slovensk√° sporitelna., Bratislava, Slovakia, EUROPE
banking account: 0630020663

IBAN: SK5209000000000630020663

Providing your wishfulness you we shall regular inform about tangible second-hand you administration financial resources. As to your desired us please to inform on e-mail to: [email protected]
Your title automatic and thanking give publicity to on homesters internet's site.

Multi information you will find on homesters ahtfund.org alternatively us contact, whether already through e-mail, by telephone alternatively yourself. We will like to offer answers to all your questions.
Yours sincerely
JUDr. Petrik Jozef in. r.
chairman of the board of directors Antihurricane technology Fund n.f. AHTF

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