Sequence of Hurricane formation


Biggest wind velocity is in the wall eye hurricane
Tangential /azimuthal / speed hurricane is in the hurricane grades 5 advanced look like 250 km/throw.
Speed in the hurricane is relative. Be that whirling three-dimensional stir, that have ingredients
- tangential
- vertical
- radial
characteristics is tangential speed /tangential velocity component/ , that is of uppermost and is usher in charts scale forces is e.g . near scale 4 interim 211 till 250 km/throw. /131 - 155 mph/. Vertical velocity component be of the essence smaller - round 10-30 km/throw. and radial round .... km/throw. Full hurricane /alternatively typhoon/ en bloc move also a to at speeds of cca 5 - 30 km/throw.

Tropical cyclone occurring in this areas


Hurricanes call tropical cyclone in the area the Atlantic ocean, near Japan call typhoon /typhoon, typhoons/. On map every comma stands for path one's tropical cyclone, now best see, where best occurring. Best disadvantage is in residental areas, namely in the area southeasterly northly America , southeasterly Asia.

Yearly in the world of creates 35 till 65, in average 45 hurricane.


From the average 45 hurricane yearly is cca 12 winter/spring on south a 33 summer/autumn on the north hemisphere. Hurricanes, typhoon /typhoons/ make only near diathermy sea waters up certain temperature, therefore is assumption, that in the future near globally crease of temperature them strength a intensity increase.

The Saffir-Simpson Scale


Scale from 1 in 5 characterize hurricanes, concerning velocity, tension /ultra hypotension/, welter and damages.
Speed upwards of 250 km/throw. e.g . 280 km/throw. be game most men unthought. On cars formula l depends on each streamline detail, look like will be behavior. Monumental success could to have been decrease strength hurricane o 1-2 grades e.g . z 5 on 4 till 3, alternatively from 4 on 3 till 2. In the hurricane with lower at speeds of turn on in the aggregate minus clash, which has considerable hold on claims.

Claims on living


Thanks know-how and evacuation of million leod, claims on living are in the present time smaller look like in the past.
In the present circumstances are IT and prognoses high-level, accordingly evacuation million leod salvage quantity human life.
Even though in 2005 to have been
within the frame of Katrina cca 1300 dead. Little says about injured, lesion with lasting after-effects, shock from the evacuation, shock from damnification, indeterminateness from the future.

Claims infliction hurricane


Claims infliction hurricane are ultra big also in the present.
Claims are immense, ultra, representation be merely assured claims, general claims infliction hurricane, including uncovered disadvantage are still 3 - 4 times advanced. General claims infliction hurricane Katrina were cca 120 - 160 billion USD. This very ultra big claims give assumption to this, that in anti-hurricane technology they will be invest zillion dollar.

Vertical - perpendicular speed in the wall eye


Vertical velocity 2 till 9 m/s knows drift skywards gutta size 0,5 - 1,8 mm (500-1800um (micrometry)). In this time natch atomize water on gentle gutta. Gutta measurement 200 wisdom have they driving speed only 0,7 m/s

Vertical velocity in the wall eye in the hurricane


Vertical velocity in the wall eye in the hurricane alternatively typhoon is 2-7 m/with (6-21 ft/with) Swirl taking warm sea-air up, has upright velocity component, that is of sufficient at it, so as take out drop of water skywards.
At the bottom of walls eye join flatus - warm sea and cold dry from amidst eye and together go up up. Warm air has endeavour cool off, well fall of temeperature causes condensation waters from the humid air behind of the same standing heat release, accordingly cool minimum, and produces abundance liquefied waters, clash.

Stir hurricane in daily interval (IVAN 2004)


Stir hurricane in daily interval
Full hurricane alternatively typhoon move at speeds of cca 5 - 30 km/hour. alternatively unit about certain
way, which scientists digestedly prognosis and specificate. Majority way hurricane to be at wide brins and here's just ability digestedly for him work damping technology, which him obstruct his course.
Hurricane be after surface ocean, basically look like about glasses, at him immense measurements - a few 100 km are treble wave a few m nominal. Delimited is virtually damp and air temperature, is going virtually always roundly.

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